From the desk of the President  – Dr. Ade Igbokoyi

RCCG- Jesus Embassy Men’s Group is an arm of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus Embassy in Oyo Province 4.

The group has existed since the birth of Jesus Embassy for almost 3 decades.

The inspiration of the group is drawn from 1 Chronicles 12: 32 and so, we are a determined group of people working together in the power of God to attain the fullness of Christ now, enjoy the Kingdom of God right from here, fulfil destiny, impact our generation positively, introduce Christ to as many as we come in contact with everyday and make heaven ultimately!

Our modus operandi is to ensure that we leverage on the diverse talents God has released unto His church to ensure that individual member (man), his family and trade or profession experience the touch of God and prosper.

Therefore, it is our determination that while we endeavour to obey the word of God 100%, our attention must not be drawn away from the challenges of our members and their families because it is the family units that form the church.

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